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Port-a-Guard – the most comprehensive range of expanding barriers in the world!

Our Port-a-guard range of expanding barriers has been continuously developed and refined over a period of almost 15 years.

As a result, today we have an expanding barrier for almost any situation indoors or outdoors with a selection of accessories that allow you to customise your Port-a-guard to your unique requirements. And of course there are a full range of spare parts to ensure when damage does occur you don’t have to discard your barrier like many lower quality unsupported/disposable products.

Like many of our other products, our Port-a-guard range of barriers have been developed as a result of market trends and in co-operation with past customers. If you have a special requirement which is not currently available we invite you to talk to us about developing a specific solution for you.

Note: In line with our policy of constant product improvement, some products supplied may vary slightly from those depicted on this website.

What are the standard colours available?

All the shorter aluminium Port-a-guards are available in either red/white or yellow/black. The Port-a-guard Maxi is available in natural aluminium only, while the plastic Port-a-guard Light is available in yellow/black only.

Can I have my barrier wall mounted at one end?

Yes. All Port-a-guards can be wall mounted at one or both ends, alternatively if there is no existing structure to mount off, we have an optional mounting posts for free standing installations out in the open.

We use a lot of barriers across the city. Can we have them in our corporate colours?

Of course, you can have them in any standard powder coat colours. Depending on quantity there may not even be a charge for the special colour.

Can I use Port-a-guard barriers outdoors?

Yes. Our Port-a-guards are made from powder coated aluminium and injection moulded high tech plastics so they are strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Do you have spare parts available for your Port-a-guard Expandable Barriers?

Yes. All Port-a-guard components are available as spare parts, including plastic feet and slat sets the most common parts requested.